Dermatopathology is a branch of pathology which deals with skin diseases. The physician who practices such pathology is termed as Dermatopathologist.

It is a subspecialty in joint of dermatology and pathology and a lesser scale of surgical pathology where the study of Cutaneous diseases are observed in both microscopic and molecular level. It also encircles the analysis of the potential cause of skin disease which is at a basic level.

Some of the Dermatologists recognize most of the skin diseases based on appearances & anatomic distributions. However, such criteria do not render a conclusion and a Skin biopsy is usually examined under the microscope or by molecular tests.

 Through this process, it reveals the histology of the affected skin and gives an outcome of specific diagnostic interpretation. Additionally, specialized tests are performed on basis of biopsies, it also includes techniques like immunofluorescence, histochemistryelectron microscopycytometry & Molecular-pathologic analysis.

Many of the skin disorders exist about 1500 different disorders including pre-cancers such as an actinic keratosis & cancers along with both benign masses & malignant cancers

Some of the Non-cancerous conditions include vitiligo,  purpuraimpetigospider veinswartsmoles, oral or such cases dealing with wrinkles, peeling off skin or with  Autoimmune attacks on the skin.