Microbial Pathology & Infectious Disease Pathology

Microbial pathology is the study of science which deals with molecular mechanisms of microbes in humans and animals. A wide variety of diseases like Bacteria, protozoa, fungi & virus have evolved by such tools where the host and also cause diseases. Similarly, other mechanisms like Pathogenesis include dost defense evasion mechanism.

In advanced research and education, Microbiology, Immunology & Infectious Diseases of Pathology points out on immunological disorders. In expansion to the investigation, it is effectively engaged in the disciplines of microbiology and immunology.

Infectious Disease is also one of the pathology studies which are responsible for conducting investigations and laboratory studies of infectious diseases. Continually growing, for diagnosis of immune comprised patients & re-emergence of known and Unknown diseases on further tropical and Identified infections.

It has a core function which provides an evaluation of Histopathology, immunohistochemical, molecular, microbiologic and electron microscopic tissues from patients with infectious diseases Epidemiologic support for investigations.