Plant pathology

Plant Pathology/ Phytopathology is the study of plant diseases caused by pathogens i.e., infectious organisms. Plant Pathologists ensures the health of Plant. Plant Pathology is the study of identification of different pathogens, resistance of plant pathology, plant diseases infect humans & animals, pathosystem genetics etc. Plant health affected by microorganism, nutrition in plants and weather conditions. Infectious diseases can be caused by different organisms are nematodes, viroid’s, fungi, bacteria etc. Plant Pathology is the scientific study of pathogens & plant at the community levels with genetic, physiological, biochemical and cellular populations. The interrelationship between the plant and causal agents cause plant diseases which affects growth of plant, quality, methods to control plant diseases and yield. Diseases in plant varies from different season to different depending on several factors like environmental conditions, crops & varieties plantation and pathogens.