Soft Tissue & Bone Pathology

Soft tissue pathology is the study of pathology which deals with the Tissue diagnosis as well as characterization of neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases. This comprises of muscleAdipose tissuetendonsFascia & connective tissues.

However, malignancies of the soft tissues are difficult for the pathologist to diagnose through examination and microscopy and also by some additional tools such as immunohistochemistryelectron microscopy & molecular pathology techniques employed to obtain a definitive diagnosis.

Bone pathology is also known as orthopedic pathology. Bone pathology is a subcategory of surgical pathology. It mainly deals with the treatment and features many of the Bone diseases. In in vivo radiological studies, it takes an advantage with the use of gross examination and microscopic results. Occasionally, the pathologists use the Specimen radiographs to diagnose affected bones.

The Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology Department deals with neoplasms and pathological conditions that affect the Bone skeletal system and extraskeletal tissues consisting of fibrous tissue, adipose tissue, blood vessels & peripheral nerves.

The process which includes in diagnosis is not a limited study of macroscopic and microscopic features of Bone in selected cases. Such diagnosis is validated by the use of special techniques such as immunohistochemistry, molecular pathology, and cytogenetics.