Clinical Pathology & Chemical Pathology

Clinical pathology is a specialized condition where the disease is diagnosed on the basis of laboratory analysis of Blood, urine & tissue extracts with the use of tools such as microbiology, molecular pathology, chemistry & hematology.

Clinical pathologists are provided with healthcare training who handles the divisions of the laboratory which includes the sessions like Serology, hematology, immunology, toxicology. It also controls the maintenance of research & quality control of information systems.

Chemical pathology is the study of pathology which diagnoses body fluids like blood, screening of urine, prognosis & management.

Chemical pathologists are those who combine practical knowledge and clinical skills. They have a detailed understanding of Biochemical processes and abnormal changes that occur in disease. They are provided with a specialized area where the tests are performed to diagnose and manage patients. It also includes the detection and measurement of tumors, poisons, hormones and also with illicit drugs and therapeutic drugs.